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Lorentz 20Watt 12Volt Mono-crystalline Solar Panel


$120.00 inc GST

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Exceptional low-light performance and broad spectral response further enhance energy delivery in all weather conditions, year round.


  • Solar home systems
  • Microwave/radio repeater stations
  • Battery charging
  • Water purification systems
  • Technical Specifications


    Electrical Specifications
    Peak power* - Pmax 20 W
    Power tolerance +20% / -10%
    Max power current - Imp 1.2 A
    Max power voltage 17.1 V
    Short circuit current - Isc 1.3 A
    Open circuit current - Voc 22.3 V
    Efficiency of cells 17.1 %
    Temperature co-efficient for Pmax -0.38 %/°C
    Temperature co-efficient for Voc -64.6mV/°C
    Temperature co-efficient for Isc 0.88 mA/°C
    Max system voltage 48 V
    Cells Data
    Number of cells per module 34 **
    Cell technology Monocystalline
    Cell shape Rectangular
    Physical Specifications
    Dimensions 290 x 585 x 26 mm
    Weight 2.2 kg

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