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ArkPak The Worlds Most Powerful Powerpack

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ARK_PAK AP620 - ArkPak The Worlds Most Powerful Powerpack

The ArkPak is an intelligent Smart Charger Power Pack, which houses up to a 130Ahr battery. It is designed to provide portable 24 hour power where there isn’t any, and was judged one of the Best New International Products for 2011 out of a field of over 2,000 innovative new products submitted at the 2011 SEMA Automotive show in Las Vegas.

Building on the original revolutionary and highly affordable Ark Powerpack, the ArkPak takes a giant leap forward, offering many premium features and benefits un-matched by any other single device in  the world.


  • Fully protected external battery terminals
  • User  friendly  interface with intelligent, interactive  LCD screen
  • Time tracker read out showing how many hours left until its fully charged or until it goes flat
  • Choose your  preferred battery type/size (up to 130Ahr)  and replace it if and  when needed
  • Built in 6amp 7 stage Smart Charger to condition and  maintain your battery at peak  level
  • Option to power the  6amp Smart Charger from  your  vehicle’s 12V socket when 110-240V power is not available
  • Built in 150W inverter for 240V power to phones, laptops, iPads, DVD players etc…
  • Built-in 50amp Anderson plug
  • 2 x 12V accessory ports for 12V devices
  • Strong, easy carry  handle


     (Battery not included)

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